Sunday, 3 September 2017

Review of Leased Ad Space and Benefits of Joining Team Evergreen

Join Leased Ad Space with Team-EverGreen.
I came across Leased Ad Space a year ago when someone asked me to take a look at it. And when I landed on the home page it made me curious and interested enough to run a test.
So what is Leased Ad Space – Here’s my written info
Leased Ad Space is an advertising platform where you can place banner ads, text ads and run solo email blasts. Those 3 traffic generation methods are time tested and have been around for a long time, so we know they work.
Now there’s an added incentive to joining Leased Ad Space and that is you can sell advertising as an affiliate. So not only can you get traffic from your own banner ads, text ads and solo ads, but you can earn 100% commissions when someone joins Leased Ad Space through your affiliate link.
And all that sounds good to me πŸ™‚
But the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say so….

Does Leased Ad Space answer these questions?

1. Do you get traffic to your websites, landing pages or product pages when you advertise on it?
2. Can you actually make money as an affiliate of Leased Ad Space?

Now as traffic generation is the #1 thing all online marketers must master if you want to make money online, if Leased Ad Space works then it could be another great addition to my traffic generation system and consequently yours too. So I joined to test it out, and for the $7 it costs to sign up it’s a pretty cheap test to see if it works to answer those 2 questions.
So I signed up to start the testing. Right now I’m running some banner ads, a text ad and I’ve done a solo ad which I have to say have worked out quite well. I’ve had traffic, optins and so far 1 sale ($20 per month membership sale) to the products I’ve advertised. And that pretty much answers question 1, you can definitely get traffic to your pages. And it converts!

Here’s a screenshot of the traffic I’ve had so far
Leased Ad Space traffic stats
Now as you are probably aware most of us are “banner blind” these days, so you’re not likely to get thousands of clicks from them, but anyone who does see them and then clicks on them are going to be really interested in what you’re offering. And because you can upload more than one banner at a time you’ve got an ideal opportunity to test and see which banner converts the best. This isn’t something I’ve done (yet) but it’s entirely possible and I will be testing different banner designs now I know Leased Ad Space works.

Can you earn affiliate commissions if you promote Leased Ad Space?

This is the other question I wanted an answer to, so I’ve tested that as well…
Leased Ad Space does a pretty good job of giving you the tools to promote your affiliate link, here they are:
Leased Ad Space affiliate tools
Your affiliate link is already set up and embedded so in most cases it’s just a matter of copying and pasting what they provide.
All I’ve done so far is to post a few tweets with my link in my Twitter account and they’ve created quite a bit of interest, 243 clicks to be precise. And from those clicks I’ve made 6 affiliate sales at $7 per sale. What that means is I’m already in profit AND buying the next package up (the Amethyst package) which gives me more text ads, more banner impressions and more solo ads was completely free.
And that’s how to work their system, let your affiliate commissions pay for the next package up!
As you can see total affiliate commissions so far is $42
Leased Ad Space affiliate commissions
So other than the initial $7 to join the rest should be free.

The Leased Ad Space commission matrix

Their commission matrix is pretty simple, it’s a matter of filling your level places for which you get paid every time someone joins under you. You need to own/have paid for each level yourself to be eligible to receive commissions on that level. I like this idea because it allows you to test the Leased Ad Space platform yourself for no more than $7.
When you fill your spots on the matrix there’s a lot of money to be made. And if you push hard enough with your promotion of Leased Ad Space I think you could make some good money.
Leased Ad Space commission matrix

Remember for each level, you need to have bought it before you can earn a commission on it.

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I joined what is now "Team-Evergreen" as something people can identify with and feel a part of a team. When people see our pages promoting Leased Ad Space, they may feel this is the group to choose because we are doing things a little different ;-))
Put simply, when you Join Leased Ad Space, through Team-Evergreen, you will receive the added benefits of what we offer members of our Team.
We will place your link in our rotator, right away so you can have your pages being viewed, all over the internet, right away.
You will have access to our 'Team Ads', as they become available, as well ongoing support from us.
We will provide resources, to enable you to expand your business, and as things grow, we will provide incentives for people to 'upgrade' through Leased Ad Space.
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