Friday, 25 September 2015

Amazing new opportunity where you can turn $3 into a life changing income

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GMC – Ending Poverty One Step at a time with a Mere $3
450+ members have started their journey   
Do you wish to be part of this Team!!!

  • We have a lot of people moving through this program... AND getting paid....this is NOT a quick, fast, burn out and die program and BECAUSE we are building a strong solid foundation GMC has a real go at lasting for the long term.

  • Members are rejoining to be in line to cycle twice and now offered a 3rd position as well and THAT has always been The Plan. As each person joins or buys another $3 position this helps US ALL cycle again and again helping push other people up plus we have new people joining every day... smile emoticon HOWEVER this means ensuring everybody goes in turn (as much as possible) AND as we are International and have every time zone possible represented here it will not move as quickly as some might like... 

HOWEVER please remember your initial outlay was ONLY $3! Our offer as an Admin Team is...IF you are not happy then please contact us and we will buy your position out for your $3.
We know this program is working...we can SEE the structure and we know how much work and time we put in... we are very comfortable with the longevity of this program micro managed as is being done...WE BELIEVE IN GMC smile emoticon ps...I have just bought my 3rd position and I had to put some more money in my payza to do so because I have yet to cycle out of copper...but not long now...haha Do YOU get how AMAZING this business is growing into .........

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