Saturday, 28 March 2015

How to Get Free 20$ with Five Dollar Funnel

This is an Important Update.  
The New Strategy has started to work Very Well.   I am getting New Members in as we speak.   In 2 days because of this powerful Strategy, I already got close to 20 new leads in just 2 days.   Here is a deal for you,  I want to place them under you. I want to help you fill your First Level.   I hope you are interested and jump on this.
 If you want more Paid Members under you, then let me know because I will place them directly under you. When they request their Paid Position, I will give them your URL.   Please send me your URL to get 2 positions.   This is how it works. When a New member joins, the sponsor pays for their position. Then when they sponsor 2 new members, the sponsor gives them another position to fill their First Level. You will end up getting a Total of 4 Paid positions for the price of 2.  
Real Bargain...   Right now there is excitement and growth. Let me know . First Comes First Serve.   Visit this website I created for our Team. I say our Team because you have your Team and everybody has their own team. But this will help everybody since we all are doing the same thing.   

Watch how we get Paid.....

Now, please let me know that you want
your FREE, Paid Position...


This is going to work  for those who take action and make sure their First Level Gets filled FAST.

Then All the have to do is help their 3 members in Level ONE Fill Level 2 and there you have $20 a month and growing

NO Risk, Big
Money Strategy!
You Want To Earn Big Money!
Fantastic! You are in the right place, at the right time and with the right Team. We will show you how easy it is to create a Monthly Residual Income. We use a Very Easy Strategy and we follow a few very Simple Steps.
We MUST follow a Plan of ACTION. Our Strategy is very simple but very Powerful. Consistent ACTION! Just do something everyday. You are about to see how easy it is to grow! Consistency will bring you Great Results. This Opportunity is HUGE. There is NO REASON to slow down.
There is Power in Unity!
There is Strength in a Multitude!
Starbucks Drink   Residual Money
What Do You Want?
Just A Coffee for $5.00               or        Thousands of dollars a Month?      
Maybe you want BOTH: Money First, then Many Cups!
Amazing Money
Getting Your 2nd Level FULL
Amazing Money
We Advertise in Traffic Exchanges; these are a perfect choice and a smart solution. Everybody in those TE are real people and they want to earn big money. They are with their mind made up and you will not have to convince them. Just send them a Personal INVITATION to see How We Get Paid and How Our Team Strategy is Very Successful!
Team 5 Replicated Website
Team 5 really wants to help everybody to grow BIG. We have a REPLICATED Website. Yes, Every member will get a replicated website with their own Five Dollar Funnel URL to advertise anywhere and grow faster.
Please Register and Get Your Personal Replicated Website
Just give out your personal Five Dollar Funnel URL to get many Paid Members to join you. You will be successful.
We want to Reach out and Help Millions of
People with Their Mind Made Up - NO Convincing!
MOST People are not making any money.
Just invite them to see our Team's Page.
The Video is doing an excellent job presenting.
  They will see what we have and they will Join.
Make it Simple!
with these sources you will have
NO Trouble sponsoring many people!
The Team Strategy will help you!


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